Vinyasa yoga

Without a strong adherence to any specific form of yoga, our vinyasa yoga classes focus on encouraging students to explore further what their bodies and minds are capable of.

Vinyasa refers to the blending of movement with the breath.  This marriage of breath and movement is the essence of ‘vinyasa’ and the key to the practice. It is a dynamic and physical form of yoga that will challenge and encourage you.

In a climate where more and more people are investigating the ‘alternative’ and the ‘complementary’, and where the health of the body and mind, is, once again, high on the list of a larger number of people’s priorities, vinyasa yoga addresses it all. Not only is it a far-reaching and never-ending discipline in its own right, it is the perfect complement to any other form of exercise, sport or practice.

By using a powerful breathing technique (’ujjayi’ – literally, ‘ upwardly victorious’), the engagement of muscular locks – abdominal and perennial (‘bandhas’ ), a focus or gaze point (‘drishti’) and linking the postures with flowing movements, it’s not long before practitioners build up an intense heat and associated healthy sweat.

Classes are informal and free from spiritual dogma and Sanskrit. They are often challenging but also rewarding and enjoyable.

All are welcome – whatever level of experience you have.