Private lessons

Private lessons are for all levels of students from complete beginners to advanced students. With an individually tailored program, clients progress continually and soon experience the benefits of yoga.

It is a great way to start for a beginner, who may find attending a group class daunting, as private yoga classes allow the student to ask plenty of questions. An intermediate student, who may have specific goals that he/she is working toward, will also find it beneficial. It may also be the best option for someone with an injury or specific issues which makes attending a group class difficult. Ideal for someone with a very busy life, who may not find it convenient to get to a class, as private yoga classes are designed to fit around your schedule.

Classes of between 60 and 90mins are taught either at the client’s accommodation or in a small private studio, near the centre of Verbier.

Price for a private class is 100chf per hour.